Travel Information

We want to keep our advice on travel as simple as possible. Please see the below sections, the most important thing is to ensure your travel insurance covers you if anything happens before or during your trip.

It is your responsibly to ensure that the people in your group can enter a country regarding Covid-19 restrictions, in the same way that you would check visa requirements. It is best to check the Foreign Travel Advise website for entry requirements as it varies from country to country and as being updated all the time.

ETIAS is expected to come in from Spring 2025. These will be required for UK citizens and will work similarly to the US system. You will need to apply for this via the official website below by entering your passport details and allow you to enter the EU for tourism purposes. It will cost 7 Euros per person and will be valid for 3 years or until your travel document expires. The application should be completed within 3 working days but could take up to 30 days when additional information is required, we recommend applying as soon as you book a trip.

ETIAS is not a visa, it is to allow travel for tourism purposes. Please be aware of scam websites, the below website is the only official website.

EES is the EU entry and exit system, coming in from Autumn 2024. This is where any third country (including the UK) will be required to have their fingerprints and photo taken to enter an EU country. This is separate from the tourist visa system and will replace passport stamping.

ETIAS are separate and expected to come into effect from mid-2025 (TBC). This is the visa waiver program and will work similarly to the US system. You will need to apply for this via the official website below by entering your passport details and it will be done electronically. Please be aware of any scam websites, the below website is the only official website.

This applies to imminent departures (within 2 weeks of departure) and you will be offered 3 options:

  • To postpone your trip to another date
  • An alternative destination
  • A full refund

If your departure is more than 2 weeks away then a decision will not be made until this point. This is due to the Foreign Office advise changing and only applying to imminent departures.

We follow the Foreign Office advise on all overseas travel as part of the package travel regulations. As with other trip providers, we are unable to refund if the DfE advise against travel when the foreign office are not advising against travel. Your travel insurance is based upon foreign office advise and not the DfE.

Ensure when booking you have travel insurance that covers this scenario. See our travel insurance page.

We follow the advise of the foreign office for travel, as do most other trip providers. If you have to quarantine on arrive at your destination and it means that your trip cannot go ahead without severe impact, we will offer a postponement, alternative destination or full refund.

If you have to quarantine on return we cannot offer a refund as it does not mean the advise is not to travel. Is it best to check for foreign office website for requirements and we cannot offer a refund due to passengers not meeting entry requirements due to not being fully vaccinated.

We will always discuss options with you if you wish to cancel your trip. You are protected by the package travel regulations if the foreign office advise against travel to your destination. If the foreign office shows travel is possible to your destination then the normal cancellation policy applies. We will always look at options to postpone a trip where we can, but be aware we cannot get refunds from suppliers if it is possible to travel to your destination and budget airlines will not give refunds in this instance.

When booking a trip deposit amounts are higher with budget airlines. Consider choosing a main airline which (although can be more expensive) will have a lower deposit amount if you choose to cancel later down the line.

We will always do what we can and work with you to find a solution, but the booking terms can be applied which were accepted when the trip was confirmed.

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel (OEAP) has lots of useful documents for planning a school trip. They can provide guidance on activities, training and support for outdoor learning and educational visits.

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Edventure travel has its own ATOL licence, ensuring that you have complete protection for your trip when taking a flight.


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