Duration: 2 Days

Dunkirk Excursion

Visit Dunkirk where the British expeditionary Force (BEF) that was trapped and surrounded at Dunkirk in 1940 conducted ‘Operation Dynamo’. This was the darkest hour for the British and French armies that were stunned by Hitler’s Blitzkrieg strategy and needed to evacuate. Just four years later the Germans had fortified the coast of Europe by constructing the Atlantic Wall designed to repel the Allied invasion. The wall consisted of a thousand miles of interconnected bunkers, beach defences and command posts all under the command of Rommel. In 1940 Hitler ordered the construction of the ‘Vengeance weapons – the V1 and V2 rockets (known as doodlebugs) and the V3 superguns designed to hit London from sites near Calais.

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All about the Dunkirk Excursion.

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  • Personal Expenditure
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  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Full Time Tour Director
  • Activities not mentioned
  • Meals not mentioned
  1. Day 1 Depart the UK

    Travel early morning to France via Calais. In the morning you will visit the Calais WW11 museum and then continue to Dunkirk.

    In Dunkirk you will spend some time in the excellent museum before visiting the beach and Mole where the ‘little ships’ rescued 338,000 men.

  2. Day 2 Ostend

    Today you will visit a preserved section of the Atlantic wall near Ostend. This part of the Atlantic wall was built on land owned by the Belgium Royal Family which decided to leave the fortifications in place as a reminder of the German occupation. You can have a guided tour of the tunnels, bunkers, dormitories and command posts. The bunkers still have their guns in place pointing out to sea.

    Travel to Calais for your return crossing to the UK.

  1. Dunkirk Operation Dynamo Museum Dunkirk

    If your students are studying WW2 then The Dunkirk Museum tells them the story of the battle and the evacuation of more than 330,000 Allied soldiers from the Dunkirk beach in 9 days during the planned mass evacuation of May 1940, known as Operation Dynamo. Your group will discover that it was both a disaster and a triumph. With the Germans bombing Dunkirk and the nearby beaches, the flotilla of vessels (including the immensely courageous crews of the 336 Little Ships) managed the excavation of 338,226 allied soldiers. During your groups visit, you can travel the 350 linear meters of a rich exhibition of military and photographic maps and a rich collection of weapons, uniforms and models. A comfortable projection room will allow you to watch an archive film which will take you on an exciting journey to the heart of memory and underwater archaeology.

  2. Atlantic Wall Museum, Osten Ostend

    The Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum is a military museum near Ostend in Belgium which preserves fortifications of the Atlantic Wall dating to the First and Second World Wars. Your school will see the 60 bunkers and two miles of trenches which are among the best preserved sections of the defensive line in Europe. The majority of the preserved bunkers and trenches at the site date to the construction of the Atlantic Wall during the second German occupation during World War II. Numerous bunkers, gun emplacements and trenches were built on the site, including the well preserved ‘Saltzwedel neu’ Battery. Several of the fortifications have been renovated to their wartime condition and the museum also displays uniforms and equipment used by the garrison.

  3. La Coupole Rocket Site Helfaut

    La Coupole is a Second World War bunker complex in northern France which was built by the forces of Nazi Germany between 1943 and 1944 to serve as a launch base for V-2 rockets directed against London and southern England. Constructed in the side of a disused chalk quarry, your students will see the prominent and immense concrete dome. It was built above a network of tunnels housing storage areas, launch facilities and crew quarters and was designed to store a large stockpile of V-2s, warheads and fuel. The intent was intended to launch V-2s on an industrial scale and dozens of missiles a day were to be fuelled, prepared and launched in rapid sequence against London and southern England. The complex remained derelict until 1997, when it opened to the public as a museum. Exhibits in the tunnels and under the dome tell the story of the German occupation of France during World War II, the V-weapons and the history of space exploration.

  4. In Flanders' Fields Museum Belgium

    Edventure Travel also visit the In Flanders Field’s museum in Ypres which is devoted to the study of World War 1. Activities include a walking itinerary and workshops where your students can learn more about the futility of this war. This museum is situated on the market square in the city centre and is a must visit, as it does not set out to glorify war but shows your students the senselessness of war.

  1. Knowledge and Perspective

    Personal experience and close interactions with these locations can help students understand the subject and put it into perspective.

  2. Pupil Engagement

    A trip can make a students engage with a subject and become more positive about a subject.

  3. History

    This tour is great for history students, giving them an insight into the events that took place and a sense of what it was like during this period in history.

  4. WW1

    This tour focuses on World War 1 events and goes to key historical sights.

  5. WW2

    Explore the impact of World War 2 and how events shaped the landscape.

  6. Languages

    Students can practise their language skills when exploring this fascinating country.

  7. Religion

    This tour provides and insight into the religious beliefs of the country and explores their values and principles.

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